Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Off to Atlanta

I'm flying to Atlanta tomorrow to see Dr. Kendall of VMP Genetics.  This is the first doctor I've encountered who claims to understand CPT2 and is able to take me as a patient.  I've never had a long distance physician before, but when you've got a rare disease, I suppose it is an acceptable compromise.

There is a bit of irony here, though.  One of the big triggers for CPT2 events is cold.  Extreme cold comes with significantly elevated risk.  I'm flying from home, where today's high is 72 and low is 47, to Atlanta, where it will be 26 degrees when I land, 15 degrees with wind chill.  I'll head to the doctor the next day when it is 17 degrees, 3 degrees with wind chill.  This is precisely the kind of weather I avoid.

I would rather not spend a fortune on a taxi, but public transit with these temperatures seems a bit risky.  We'll see how it goes.