Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Getting close to asymptomatic

After visiting the Vancouver Metabolic Disease Clinic, I made two big changes in my approach to CPT2:

1. I now have at least 140 calories, and sometimes 280 calories, of pharmaceutical grade MCT powder.  The first 140 calories are consumed right after I wake up.
2. I have strictly limited my diet to 15% of calories from (long chain) fat at a maximum.

I've felt CPT2 symptoms hint that they were coming on.  One day I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch and by dinner I had some shaking.  But it never progressed beyond the worrisome early signs.  As far as I can tell (mostly from looking at my urine), I haven't had significant muscle breakdown since I started MCT and lowered my fat intake to under 15%.

Will this work for everyone?  Probably not.  Is it unlimited protection from CPT2 episodes?  Surely not.  But it is still the best my muscles have done since I became an adult.